Friday, 29 November 2013

Publishing Java Games on Facebook

I am appalled at the lack of resources dealing with creating and distributing games made in Java on Facebook. Perhaps it is because no-one makes on-line games in Java, perhaps it is because the process is actually so easy it doesn't need documented or perhaps the people who have managed it want to keep the process a secret so they can make all the monies themselves! Whatever the reason, this post aims to buck the trend and document what is in fact a really easy process.

Just as a quick heads up here is what this post will and won't cover:

It will cover:
  • Deploying your Java applet to the web.
    • This is a pretty easy step and if you've made an applet before you probably know how to do this.
  • Making the applet accessible via Facebook.
    • This is also an easy step it just doesn't seem to be written anywhere else on-line!