Wednesday, 26 March 2014

2013's Spoils

I never did update to say how I got on in 2013 with the stuff I germinated and planted.

Not great to be honest.

The tatties came through pretty well, the broccoli was so so and the cabbage was good. Sadly I didn't have enough time to tend to any of it properly so a lot of it went to the slugs and other beasties. Neither me or the slugs got any of the carrots or the onions because they didn't come through.

Here's some piccies for your viewing pleasure:

Cabbage coming through well. Slugs loved it.

Onions grew long green stems but that was it.

Tatties grew great!

Not a huge batch mind you.

But they were delicious!

Second batch were bigger and just as delicious.
And here are last years flowers, they all came through pretty well:

Flowers round the bird bath.

More flowers.

Daisies, a flower in my book, not a weed!

Clematis continues to grow.

Border looking healthy.

Smaller border flowers with Broccoli and Cabbage in the background.

Something I didn't plant but has grown anyway!

Roses coming through.

Some large ones.

And some smaller more romantic ones.

Also done a few pots.

Border started taking over the lawn!

I also added some shrubs into the corner.

A shrubbery!
I also added a new storage box, more about that in another post:
New storage box.
That's you up to speed with last years' gardening, next gardening post will bring you up to speed on this years.

Happy gardening!

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